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Balance & Harmony is generated on the foundations of love, truth & trust

November 15, 2016



Everyone is looking to have balance & harmony in their life but do we really understand what that even is or how it naturally recreates itself; once we trust that we do deserve all that love, happiness and joy, only then will we start to allow ourselves to truly see our own truth and how we ourselves, are what we sow.....and that is exactly when we will start to see that every moment is a miracle in itself and each of them are a blessing, we just need to take that reflective moment and look through the looking glass of love instead of the one of envy, judgement and lack.

Trusting that we have the abilities to manifest all it is that we desire, is just a matter of perspective and that very perspective is conditioned into us as a belief system, so if we feel that we are on the short end of the harmony stick; then we need to look at our values, our morals and the very foundation of that perspective so that we and we ourselves can initiate the changes we want to manifest or attract into our lives.

It may seem daunting at first but trust me, one you start to see and feel the difference in your very being and thought patterns, you will want to share it with all those you love, so that they too, may begin a day anew; one filled with sunshine and not cold rain...

For as you begin to truly resonate with this newest vibration unto you, you will have less and less tolerance for those old thought patterns and those who are still in it... You will begin to detach from all the disharmony so that the balance is restored naturally to a state of being that serves your truth, your purpose and your very ability to resonate out of love!

So let's unite as one consciousness, one resonance of unconditional love, in understanding that we can only help those who do actually help themselves....those who serve a higher good, one which is completely unexplainable, yet so pure in their heart that it naturally needs no defending

faery blessings one & all, in utmost love and light!

A moment in time

November 16, 2016



Is there really anything more? When we live for the moment, we allow ourselves to truly be free! Letting go of all that has come to pass and all that may or may not be... This is what frees us from the drama and confines of society, this is what allows us to clearly see; that life is what me wake it and it is in those moments that we can create all the love, all the laughter and all the joy we truly deserve, just as we deserve to be happy and free...


January 1, 2017

New year, new moon, new baby....all things new are essentially, things of joy!

New plant life is spring; a season many embrace as a time to get out, get moving and breathe in all the new aromas in the air!

New friends; bring new experiences, learning, sharing and caring in new ways that help us to understand others and have consideration and compassion; things that are required for the new respect that grows from such connections.

I could go on but you get it, right 😉

Our heart flutters when we hear that we are getting something new or we know that we are gonna experience something new, and that joy also sisters the experiences of what we feel when we fear something.

What is there to fear though? Think about all the new in your life so far and allow yourself to truly feel what you actually felt then, not what your ego talked you into or led you to believe and focus on.

All things, experiences and thoughts of 'new', truly are something to embrace! For such milestones represent your growth, your having experienced something to facilitate or enable you to step further into your purpose 💕. And that truly is something to celebrate, so kick off 2017 with the knowing that only good can come from all the new starts you have and will experience!

Have an awesome start to this new calendar year and may all of your tomorrows, bring abundance of what serves the highest & greatest good of all!

FaeryBlessings blessings to you from me ✨

New Site / New Host

March 6, 2019

The site has been re-designed from the ground up on a new webhost.  Not without some issues but they never go as smooth as expected.

..... and NO!

I am not selling grass seed and that is simply placeholder the designer installed until I have the opportunity to add the products back in