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Herbal medicinal tinctures, made from Mother Nature's Bounty

various sizes available, custom sizing upon request

All of my tinctures are derived from both, wildcrafted and organic plant material that has been infused in vodka in the traditional manner and then further blended for optimum results.  Glycerites can be available upon request.

Mother tinctures are 1:1 ratio

There are many options for your animals as well, please inquire...thank you!

Herbal medicinal tea blends, made from Mother Nature's Bounty

sold by the ounce, please note that some plant material is quite light and therefore will reflect leaves and flowers

custom sizing upon request

All of my blends are blended for optimum results and often contain both; wildcrafted and/or organic plant material.  The blends may be used for medicinal, ritual as well as spiritual purpose as well as consumables and bathing too!  Pls note that if you are on any prescriptions, it is in your best interest to consult your physician prior to any and all use of my medicinals.  Also, it is in your best interest to inform me of such details so that I may provide you with options...thank you!

Herbal bath blends, made from Mother Nature's Bounty

3 sizes available; 125ml jar, 250ml jar and 500ml jar

custom sizing upon request

All of my bath blends include both, epsom salts and dead sea salts with a blend of herbs, essential oils and often other natural ingredients to promote its focus (ie. activated charcoal, oatmeal, dry milk powder...)  

The bath blends are for everyone in the family and there is a sleep blend focus, which has both chamomile and lavender in it, a muscle focus with both eucalyptus and rosemary in it, a relaxing blend with just lavender and the milk bath one has both lavender and chamomile with oatmeal and mild powder (a luxurious way to relax)

Herbal medicinal salves, made from Mother Nature's Bounty

3 sizes available; 1oz, 2oz, and 4oz

custom sizing upon request

All of my salves are derived from both, wildcrafted and organic plant material that has been infused in oil in the traditional manner and then further blended for optimum results of the focus that they specify... 

Salves that I have, are as follows; 

Arnica/Comfrey blend (for those soft tissue injuries that have bruising)

Calendula (Mother Nature's skin loving plant)

Druid's skin (for those more resilient skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema)

Pressure ulcer (for those times when your skin is frail and breaking down)

Oh My Aches and Pains (for your aching joints and muscles...covers both hot and cold injuries)

Antifungal (great for all fungus, including ringworm, and safe for your pets too!)

Vapor Rub (for cough & cold seasons)

Comfrey Comfort (All purpose salve... comfrey stimulates the body to generate new skin cells, so it is a wonderful item to have on hand)

Silken Moisturizer (is the moisturizer that I created with Lavender and Wintergreen, and it feels just like silk once applied, I am told...hence, its name)

There are many options for your animals as well, please inquire...thank you!

Herbal medicinal remedies for Pets, made from Mother Nature's Bounty

2 sizes available; small 3.75$ and med for 5.75$, as well as by the ounce @ 1.75$/ounce

custom sizing upon request

Flea and Tick Repellent, safe for the entire family!

Blended herbs for optimum flea and tick repelling actions.  The base is of diatomaceous earth and this effectively kills insects by drying out their skeletal system.  

The blend of herbs specifically focuses on repelling the fleas and tick.  Must be used in dry environments and to apply, hand brush your pet's coat backward as you shake the powder on its entire body with the exception of its face though, you may hand apply it (rubbing it around it facial area) but not shaking the bottle or jar directly in its face.

Can safely be used on your pets, your furniture & bedding too!  For furniture, flooring, and needs to stay in place for 3-5 days.  For your pets, you may apply as necessary

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for the whole family!

sourced from Mother Nature's Bounty

Sold by the pound at 18.50$ or half pound bags at 9.75$

custom sizing upon request

Diatomaceous Earth has many benefits, including parasite and insect control, I carry food grade and use it daily, not just in my remedies and garden but also in our daily food habits...documentation as well as instructions, are included with each purchase

Safe for pet use too!

All Natural, organic clay blends made from Mother Nature's Bounty

2 sizes available and focus blends are Acne, Ageing, Detoxifying as well as moisturizer  The current sizes that I do are 11$ and 18$

custom sizing upon request

Clays may be used directly on your skin, however, they can be used in a bath as well.  To apply, mix a small amount of clay blend with just enough oil or water to make a spreadable paste and apply a thin layer to the areas you are looking to use it for.  Allow to completely dry and then wash off with a damp facecloth or in the shower.  
Apply your moisturizer as you normally would and enjoy the health benefits of the clays on a basis that suits your needs (ie., weekly, monthly, seasonally...)

All Natural specially blended Elixirs, made from Mother Nature's Bounty

4oz is 18$, 8oz is 27$, 16oz is 49$ and 32oz is 60$ sizes available 

specialty pricing varies, depending on ingredients...

custom sizing upon request

The elixirs are specifically blended according to their focus and they include the infused plants that have been tinctured in vodka and then honey and spring water is added to taste.  For a maintenance dose, 1-3 tbsp per day for adults and 1 tsp for children.  They need to be refrigerated once opened and gently shook prior to use each time.  Increase amounts as per needs...Pls consult your physician if you are in question or on any prescriptions, thank you!  Some specialty elixirs are priced accordingly, inquiring is welcomed...

Immune Boost                     
Pain Management

Heart Health                        Digestif Aid

Cleanse                               Sleep Aid

Infused consumables made from Mother Nature's Bounty

125ml, 250ml & 500ml jar sizes available 

Pricing ranges from 3.25 to 27$

custom sizing upon request

My consumables include compotes, honey, and butter, all of which are infused with plant material as well as fruits and vegetables that are offering the benefits of the desired focus  They are bottled in mason jars so you can reuse the jars if you like

Immune Boost              
Pain Management

Digestif Aid                   Heart Health

Cleanse                         Sleep Aid

Jeruselum Artichokes for your health, from Mother Nature's Bounty

Dehydrated; 1lb is 9.75$ and 1/2lb  is 6.75$ available

custom sizing upon request

We grow and harvest Jerusalem artichokes on our land and they are then sliced thin and dehydrated, can be eaten just like chips would be!

some of the benefits are that they are 65% inulin and a natural prebiotic, they can help with glucose levels as well as digestive issues, they are loaded with B vitamins and are a good source of fiber.  They are also high in potassium, yet low in sodium and they are a good source of both iron and copper; two essential trace elements that are needed for the body to have good blood cell formation.  They are a wonderful addition to any diet, even the healthiest of people can use a little boost!

Some people enjoy them fresh as well, cooked even too!  We offer them as you would like to have them and I even can powder it up upon request.

Hard Candies for your health, from Mother Nature's Bounty

$4.50/12 pcs

Hard Candies made with natural ingredients, including honey, herbs, and spices...a wonderful item to have on hand, even with your children as they experience healing!

Cough Drops

Digestion/Fresh Breathe

Sore Throat


Herbal Remedies for Pets from Mother Nature's Bounty

2oz for 9.50 or custom sizing available too!

Animal Ear Drops

Wonderful for ear mites as well as cleansing of the ears.  Naturally infused neem leaf with other herbal remedies that focus on healthy ears.  Takes just 3 drops massaged in daily, for 3-5 days.

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